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Q. See a list of available exams?

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Q. Register to take an exam at one of Louisiana FETA’s upcoming testing locations?

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Q. See the calendar of upcoming test dates and locations?

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Q. Request to become an approved certification testing site?

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Q. Request a test date at my facility?

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Note: Your facility must be an approved testing facility before requesting test dates.

Q. Obtain an official list of the certifications you have with Louisiana FETA?

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Q. Receive a Louisiana FETA Reciprocity Certification for IFSAC/Pro Board Certifications from another state?

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Q. Receive a Louisiana FETA Pro Board Certification for your Louisiana FETA IFSAC Certification?

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Q. Obtain a copy of a Certification you received from Louisiana FETA?

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Q. View the Louisiana firefighter progression chart?

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Q. View a reference guide for the different certification levels?

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Q. Contact someone if I have a question about certifications?

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