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At the beginning of October, State Fire Marshal Chief Dan Wallis outlined three top asks from YOU, the fire service, to enhance your customer service experience with the state Fire and Emergency Training Academy (FETA) which included the agency's responsiveness. At that time, Chief Wallis announced a new records management system for certifications, called Acadis, was forthcoming and would be implemented in phases. Great news-- Acadis is READY! And Phase 1 starts with YOU!

The Acadis portal will not only allow for course registration and will be where students will now take exams (in a classroom setting through the online portal; no more hand-written tests or Scantron forms), it will also be where you can get ALL records and certificates-- past and present. All historical records and certificates have been uploaded into the system so each individual can access their complete records history remotely and print records including copies of past certifications and trainings.  

So how do you get started? First, use the link below to access the Acadis Portal. There, follow the step by step instructions to create your account. Once your account is created and activated, the system will work to link all of your prior records to your account for easy access going forward.

What's next? In the near future, all class and examination events will be viewable and searchable from the Acadis portal and that is where you will be registering for any courses and going to take final exams. We'll let you know when these features are up and running.

Please help us spread the word with any and all past, present and future FETA students so this next step toward efficiency can benefit every individual it can.

Thank you!



Certification testing for the following levels are currently not available to challenge: 

  • Live Fire Instructor
  • Live Fire Instructor In Charge
  • Fire Investigator
  • Fire Officer 4
  • Rope Rescue Awareness
  • Rope Rescue Operations
  • Rope Rescue Technician

These levels have recently been updated to the newest NFPA edition to retain compliance with accreditation. As a result, these levels are NOT available to challenge. To qualify for written testing, candidates must attend an approved program and undergo skill examination by approved evaluators.

This process is not intended to force everyone to a LaFETA course but rather to ensure the curriculum is sufficient to prepare candidates for certification testing. These levels contain a significant emphasis on skill development during the training process to prepare the candidate for skill examination. Once the curriculum has completed the pilot phase, they will be available for handoff to entities on a case-by-case basis. While the handoff program is still being developed, the rough outline will include mentoring and approval for each instructor and evaluator by those involved in the pilot phase. This is done to ensure consistency in the curriculum and skill evaluation. 

LaFETA staff are working with local jurisdictions to implement the handoff of the curriculum listed above. 

If you are interested in conducting one of the Programs listed above, please contact the Certification Office.

New state certification level

Initial Fire Investigation is a new state-level created to meet the need of the on-scene officer to begin a fire investigation. This level meets portions of the NFPA 1031 2022 ed. but is not as in-depth as Fire Investigator. 

We recommend jurisdictions with Fire Investigator as part of a career development plan for members who do not have the primary responsibility for completing a fire investigation consider moving to the Initial Fire Investigation level in their career development plan.  

An outline for the Initial Fire Investigation program should be available soon.

Certifications Offered

To view details for one of the certifications we offer, click on a title below:


Certification Title
Requires attendance of an approved course
Requires attendance of an approved course

Live Fire Instructor

Requires attendance of an approved course

Live Fire Instructor In Charge

Requires attendance of an approved course

Public Fire Educator I

Public Fire Educator II

Rope Rescue Awareness, Operations, & Technician Levels

Requires attendance of an approved course

Telecommunicator I

Telecommunicator II


Testing Process

The Candidate

Each candidate for certification will be one of the following:

  • A member of a Louisiana fire department
  • A member of some other Louisiana emergency responder organization
  • A member of an industrial corporation that has been approved for certification
  • An individual or out of state personnel taking a class at the OSFM Fire and Emergency Training Academy
  • An individual currently enrolled in a Louisiana High School Firefighter Program that is accredited by the Louisiana Fire and Emergency Training Academy. 

In all cases, a test request will need to be submitted by your Training Coordinator if you are with a Louisiana Fire Agency or Industrial client, All test requests must be submitted through the Acadis portal by the Training Coordinator of you agency.

If you are not with a Louisiana Fire Agency or Industrial client please complete the Unaffiliated Training Request.  .

Candidates for certification must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Identification and age are verified with a photographed ID (driver's license). The fire chief/administrator, training officer, or pre-approved designate of the department/organization recommends the candidate for examination. No individual or out of state personnel will be examined unless he/she is taking a class at the OSFM Fire and Emergency Training Academy.

General Testing Information

Grading and Results:

Once your exam is processed you will receive and email notification, the results will be available in your Acadis portal. No telephone or fax requests for results, (including pass or fail), shall be granted.

Probation Period:


Skills Evaluation Expiration:

Skills exams will be valid for one year from the date passed or three attempts. 

Examination Time Limits:

Examination times may vary, but the maximum amount of time for all written examinations is no more than two (2) hours, unless approved accommodations are applied.

Filling Out the Form

The fire chief or administrator of the department recommends the candidate for examination and will need to register the candidate via the Acadis portal. The candidate can view the Available Training schedule (Use the filter, keyword "Certification" to see the certification exam dates and times offered.

The candidate can take any test at any one of the test sites as long as the specific test requirements are met. The requirements for each specific examination can be found by clicking on the chosen examination listed in the list of available exams. Pre-registration is required and must be completed by the deadline listed. Walk-in registration at the test site will not be accepted.

Any candidate that does not show up for the examination, the department or organization will be subject to the charge. In order to avoid charges, test candidate cancellations must be made twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled test time.


  • Phone: (225) 372-6944
  • Mail:              Fire and Emergency Training Academy Certification Program
                          6868 Nicholson Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70820

Costs & Fees

Non-supported Louisiana Fire Department Members/Industrial/Individual Fees:

The fee for candidates that are not a member of a Louisiana Fire department supported by the 2% Fire Insurance Fund is $80.00 and must be paid prior to or on the day of the examination, unless other arrangement have been approved by the Manager of Certification. Allowed payment options include purchase order, credit card, money order, or check.

Supported Louisiana Fire Department Members:

Candidates that are a member of a Louisiana Fire department supported by the 2% Fire Insurance Fund, the costs are as follows:

  • $20/exam for Hazmat Awareness, Hazmat Operations, Firefighter I, and Firefighter II
  • $35/exam for all other examinations
  • These examination charges will be invoiced to the candidate’s department, unless other arrangements for payment are made

Steps to Receiving Confirmation Notice for Testing:

A candidate for certification must meet the prerequisite requirements as outlined by NFPA Professional Qualifications and the Louisiana Firefighter Certification Program for the certification level requested. The requirements for each specific examination can be found by clicking on the chosen examination listed in the Certifications Offered listing. After the Certification program receives a valid candidate's test request form, the request is then processed for approval. Upon completion of the processing, a confirmation notice is sent electronically to the fire chief, training officer, or pre-determined designate, not to the candidate. This confirmation letter will include details regarding any prerequisite information that is still needed prior to the candidate taking the exam.


Dishonesty of any kind with respect to examinations, alterations of records, or attempts to use the mail to obtain certification will not be tolerated. Examinations must represent the student's own work and must be completed in the presence of an approved Lead Evaluator without the assistance of books, notes, devices, or outside help, unless specified otherwise in the examination directions. Candidates who give information to a dishonest candidate will be considered as culpable as the candidate being assisted.

Electronic Devices:

No electronic devices are permitted during an examination. This includes but is not limited to cell phones, pagers, smart watches, radios, etc.

The Louisiana Fire and Emergency Training Academy Certification Program is a voluntary program.

Disability Accommodations

Individuals with disabilities may have different types of limitations that affect their abilities to take tests. The Americans with Disabilities Act (as amended) (ADAA) and the Rehabilitation Act ensure that individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to have equal and fair access. This equal and fair access is accomplished through reasonable testing accommodations at the Louisiana Fire and Emergency Training Academy. Requests for accommodations will be considered on a case by case basis once adequate contemporary documentation of the disability and need for the specific accommodations requested have been provided. Accommodations which would alter essential elements of a particular program, included but not limited to reading and passing written examinations, will not be granted. To request the accommodations paperwork and process, please follow the directions on the memorandum below.

Please read the OSFM-FETA MEMORANDUM - Request for Testing Accommodation Guidelines for details.




Certification Testing Schedule

If you are interested in becoming a valid test site, the Training Coordinator for your agency should complete the "Written Certification Exam Site Application" webform from their portal. 

This process involves conducting a site visit of the requested facility so please make sure you are making the request in a timely manner if it coincides with a specific course you are teaching.

Once your test site has been approved and you have received the Certification testing site approval letter, actual test dates can be requested 30 days in advance. Not all test dates are guaranteed. Test dates will be granted based on location, proctor availability, Certification schedule, and quantity of test sites already scheduled during the request time frame.

All events labeled "OPEN Certification Testing" on the Acadis Available Training calendar are open enrollment and test requests may be submitted by your Training Coordinator for these events.

The Available Training calendar can be filtered to certification events by using the keyword "Certification".


Further questions??

If you have additional question not covered above please refer to the FAQ page

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