Course Description:


FETA’s advanced extrication course is designed to expand the student’s extrication knowledge in order to be able to successfully handle challenging and advanced auto extrication incidents that they may encounter during their career in the fire service. Extensive Knowledge of basic vehicle extrication techniques and tools is highly recommended prior to taking this course. The course will involve a cognitive portion (lecture) as well as hands-on practical training involving various scenarios, establishing and maintaining scene safety, and scene evaluation and management. This advanced course is designed to give the student scenario-based training with more difficult extrication challenges. The course involves extrication skills and techniques that are based on vehicles placed in various positions and the actual entrapment of simulated patients.

The students will learn various methods to stabilize vehicles on their side, upside down, and vehicles on top of other vehicles or barriers. Students will be supplied with a variety of the most current stabilization and extrication tools on the market to complete the evolutions. This course includes challenging scenarios with multiple patients involved. Students will focus on completing the extrication evolutions safely and efficiently within the golden hour. Students are required to bring an approved helmet, fire boots, eye protection, gloves, coveralls, or turnout gear for class. Fire helmets and fire turnout/bunker gear are preferred for the course, but extrication gear is allowed. All PPE must be in date and will be inspected by FETA instructors on the first day of class to ensure that the condition of the PPE is adequate for the course and that the PPE is within the allowed dates. If conducted off-site, it is the responsibility of the host/requesting department to provide vehicles and a means for positioning them.







*If more than one course price is shown, the first price applies to all Louisiana Municipal Fire Departments who are issued a Fire Department ID from the State Fire Marshal's Office and are supported by the 2% Fire Insurance Fund. The second price applies to all non-Louisiana Municipal Fire Departments including state agencies (in-state and out-of-state), out-of-state fire departments, federal agencies, and the private sector, etc.