Course Description:

This 20 hour course will consist of 18 hours of practical applications. These applications are designed to refresh the knowledge and skills needed to perform Urban Search and Rescue operations. With this prop, we will be able to lift and lower various portions of the multi-level structure to simulate and mitigate the various types of building collapse. The student would then enter the prop and mitigate the collapse using techniques and skills derived from the initial training.


Students must have attended FETA’s 80 hour USAR training or provide a copy of certificate of FEMA compliant 80 hour training to participate in this Refresher course.

Additional Information:

As with all Rescue courses offered by FETA, the USAR Refresher is being offered to municipal and industrial clients at their facility. The total charge will be $17,500 for a maximum of 25 students. We will provide state of the art equipment as well as all consumable items. We will also supply our Mobile Collapse Prop that was custom built for FETA. This prop offers us the freedom to provide quality, realistic training in a safe, mobile environment.





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