Course Description:

This is a two part course designed for the Logistics Specialist with continuing training for the Logistics Manager. Specialist training is a prerequisite for Manager training.

Course Objectives (Specialist):

  • Students will discuss key points of cache resupply priorities and procedures
  • Students will discuss packaging options for operational efficiency and protection during transport
  • Students will learn documentation requirements for air and ground transport of hazardous materials
  • Students will be instructed in tracking methodologies to include manual, database and barcode systems
  • Students will understand where Logistics fits into US&R task force organization and will be prepared to offer input during operational planning and briefing sessions during deployment
  • Students will be instructed in emergency requisitioning procedures
  • Students will learn site selection criteria and ongoing management of a task force base of Operations, with emphasis on related health, sanitation and safety issues
  • Students will become familiar with logistical issues involved in demobilization process
  • Students will learn procedures of documentation for cache rehabilitation following an activation and procedures for making additions and deletions to task force cache

Course Objectives (Manager):

  • Students will discuss supervisory and personnel management techniques
  • Students will be given instruction in equipment inventory and tracking procedures as defined in FEMA US&R Property Accountability System.
  • Students will be prepared to interact with Task Force Management Team in planning and briefing sessions during activations





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