Course Description:

The course provides a general knowledge of basic fire behavior, operation within an incident management system, operation within the emergency response operations plan for the site, the standard operating and safety procedures for the site and site-specific hazards. Also included is NFPA 472 Chapter 4 competency (Hazardous Materials Awareness and response to WMD). This course covers all aspects of the NFPA 1081 standard (Incipient Level) to prepare the student for the incipient level certification exam. Good reading skills and study habits are essential. The class further provides instruction in initiating a response to a reported emergency including application of portable fire extinguishers and single hand lines. Instruction on fixed fire protection systems and communication also provided. Instruction is limited to class D PPE (work clothing) without the use of SCBA.


While there are no prerequisites to this class, it is strongly recommended that students have some level of industrial firefighting knowledge and experience before enrolling in this course. No bunker gear is required for this class.

What to Bring:

  • Work clothing/uniforms (long sleeve required on Day 3 of course)
  • Safety shoes (in accordance with company policy)
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Hard Hat





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